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    1. Searchable Encryption

2. Online Test Automation

    The purpose of cyber security is to protect data kept and processed by organisations and individuals.

    It is critical to protect data and devices used by data controllers. Unlawful access by hackers to plain data kept in databases or being processed must be prevented.

    Accordingly Testenium provides the following automation services;

    • encryption of databases
    • generation of secure user-interface with database operations
    • the making of encrypted data searchable using Homomorphic and AES encryption schemes.

    The data is encrypted before it is sent to the database, locally or on cloud. The encrypted data is searchable and can be computed (processed) while encrypted. The encrypted result is sent back to the user's machine and is decrypted before its corresponding plain data is displayed on the user interface. The plain data is not accessible to any third party.

Software testing companies conventionally employ programmers, use testing tools and programing language compilers to write test automation scripts. By contrast Testenium provides a fast, secure and unique service, in which, no human writes a program.

Our product generates programming language code for Selenium WebDriver in C#, Java and Python languages. Test parameters (Locator, Element, Command and Test Data) must be provided in Feature file for BDD or in Excel for Selenium WebDriver Testing. The test scripts are created by the platform within few seconds on a click of a button.

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