Testenium Online Meta-computing Platform for generating code for Encryption & Test Automation


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    Generate code, test your application on cloud at scale and improve productivity over three times

    Over 80 projects are tested by single user per day




Testenium’s customers are enterprise clients of all shapes and sizes, and professionals - all with varied and complex software development and testing needs - across software companies, data controllers, government bodies, private and public sector organisations.


    • Test developers/engineers do not have to write the test scripts or record user actions manually
    • Generates 100% accurate and complete code automatically for Selenium WebDriver/Page Object Model
    • Generates code and handles the Authentication Token automatically without waiting, copying and pasting for API Testing
    • Generates 100% accurate and complete code including the implementation of step definitions for BDD
    • Integrates with DevOps pipeline
    • Supports unlimited virtual users and gets BlazeMeter reports for LOAD testing
    • Test any number of test projects in parallel using AMPT (Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing) feature
    • Handles Encryption Keys automatically to avoid risk when you encrypt sensitive documents/videos
    • Develope Encrypted Database applications within a second using TAMIL (Testenium Application Modelling & Interface Language)



Testenium provides remote, scalable and secure environments on Cloud infrastructure to support the development and deployment operations of distributed and dispersed workforces. Team members can collaborate remotely and operate on the same work-project concurrently, and/or across multiple projects in parallel. This capability is available without restraint in all subscription models on the Testenium platform and has been of tremendous value in supporting post- Covid-19 technology operations particularly since the co-location of technology teams has been severely disrupted.

Leading a Revolution in Information Technology

Testenium can offer enormous cost and operational efficiencies in software development and validation through a remote, scalable, cost-effective, robust and secure software development framework with its core meta-computing engine for test automation and searchable encrypted database application development.

The Page Object Builder and its intuitive editing feature in Testenium provides users with very high level of user experience in order to avoid programming diffculties and uploading Excel file with Elements.

The Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT) feature in Testenium, accelerates multiple concurrent QA processes, and offering comprehensive coverage and rapid scalability of operations.

Devices Used

  • Select Execution Environment
  • Upload the Excel file with all elements & actions or enter on the UI
  • Testenium generates Test Script with Just a click of button
  • Testenium executes Test on cloud server
  • Testenium generates test report including Screenshot & Videos
  • Maintain versioning and manage your test projects