Testenium Online Encryption & Testing Platform

The most innovative AWARD WINNING PLATFORM for Encryption & Test Automation
Searchable Encryption

Testenium platform generates Java programming language code for searchable encrypted database application within a second when you define the data model in Testenium Application Modelling & Interface Language (TAMIL - meta programming language) or upload an excel file with the data model. This reduces software developers' time over 50% and makes your application 100% secure.
Metacomputing Platform

Testenium platform is a meta-computing engine which provides all the necessary tools and database online for developing encrypted database application code and test automation scripts faster than human programmers. The engine also executes the tests and produces reports without any programming compilers or testing tools on user's device. Companies can save money on software, hardware and human programmers.

Test Automation & Reporting

Testenium platform generates programming language code within a second for Selenium WebDriver Page Object Model and BDD in C# or Java, executes the tests and produces reports including screenshots and videos when you upload Locator, Element, Command and Test Data in Excel file or provide them in Feature file. Testenium Also supports TDD, White-box, Angular and Application security Testing.

Mr Alun Jones QC, Chairman

Are you worrying about your Data Security?

We develop searchable encrypted database application using our meta computing platform within a second. We guarantee your data security 100% and redusing your development cost by more than 50%.

Dr Aras Arasilango, CEO

Are you struggling with your QA Team?

Our meta computing platform generates test automation scripts for Selenium and BDD within a second and therefore we guarantee turn-around time of 48 hours and saving your testing costs more than 50%.