Testenium Online Meta-computing Platform for generating code for Encryption & Test Automation
Meta Computing platfor for automating software testing and searchable encryption
Testenium Engine
What we do

We operate a Cloud based Meta-computing platform which provides an infrastructure and a set of tools to generate programming language code for the development of Encrypted Database applications and Software Test automation, Test execution, and Test management at optimised cost.

    Searchable Encrypted Database Application
    TAMIL Meta-programming Scripting
    White-box Test Automation
    Protractor Test Automation
    Selenium Test Automation
    Winium Test Automation
    BDD Test Automation
    API Test Automation
    SQL Test Automation
    TDDD Test Automation
Who we are

We are a London based Tech company leveraging the Cloud and Meta-computing technology to deliver a revolutionary proposition comprising of platform and service - at scale and across a global footprint.

    Fast & Efficient
    Reduces Testers Time
    No need for Support Staff
    No Download or Configuration
    No Need for Server or Infrastructure
    Comprehensive Frameworks & Tools
    No Installation of Compilers & Tools
    Updates with No Extra Cost
    Instant Reporting
    Fully Secured

Our Customers

Our customers are software development companies, software testing companies, personal data controllers, government departments, freelance testers and whoever develop their websites and encrypted database applications.

We are Different

Using Testenium, you can develop secure database applications or test web or windows appplications without any tools or programming language compilers in your computer or any handheld devices such as ipad or tablets.

Testenium as been recognised by various bodies aroud the world
  • The CEO Views says "TOP COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2020"
  • New World Report says "Most Innovative Meta-computing Platform 2020"
  • US Business News says "Best E-Commerce Software Testing Experts 2019"
  • US Business News says "Most Innovative Online Test Automation Platform 2019"
  • BCS has selected for the "UK IT Industry Awards 2020"

  • Recognitions

    Distributed Workforce

    Companies that employ a distributed workforce need to overcome the logistical challenges of supporting and enabling groups who might not work at the same location, at the same time. They need a distributed work environment.

    Testenium platform provides a feature to collaborate and work remotely with the team members and share the project in order to edit, execute and view the reports.

    New Inventions

    1. Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT) - allows any number of users to execute many test projects in parallel at the same time.

    2. Testenium Application Modelling & Interface Language (TAMIL) - to model the database by describing the tables for generating the code for encrypted database application within a second.

    Meta-Computing Community

    Because the Meta-computing paradigm is new to the world and introduced by TESTENIUM, we are providing FREE education to anyone who wants to experience the technology and improve their skills. We host training and demo event at 10.00 am BST on every Saturday for this purpose. Use the google meet link https://meet.google.com/evk-mmrt-jos to connect and benefit.

    Why TESTENIUM is the Tech Leader
    TESTENIUM is the only Meta-computing platform in the world to handle the industry's need in terms of generating code for encrypted database applications and test automation. Web and windows applications can be tested without writing any piece of test automation script, without installing any tools including compilers, without having heavy hardware and storage, and even without having a computer. Testenium is very user friendly.
    An End to End Automation
    for Web and Windows Application
    Devices Used


  • Create an Excel Sheet with All the UI elements
  • Select Execution Environment
  • Upload the Excel sheet with all actions to the Testenium Platform
  • Testenium generates Test Script with Just a click of button
  • Testenium generates test report including Screenshot & Videos



    Register to TRY FOR FREE.

    Upon registration Generate Code button will appear. When you click the Generate Code button, you will be able to experience the code generation. Then you can copy the code and set up your application. Contact us for more details on the phone 00442070969561 or email to info@testenium.com