Testenium Online Encryption & Testing Platform

Testenium offers an online meta computing platform for testing software and website without any additional installation on the user’s computer, ipad, tablet or phone. Testenium supports BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), Selenium WebDriver, TDD (Test Driven Development), Winium and SQL. Testenium generates programming language code for Selenium test automation, takes screenshots and videos and compares the test builds.

Testenium is the first and only meta computing platform in the world that provides online infrastructure to generate the code for implementing steps in BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and for Page Object Model for Selenium test automation. Testenium supports 100% online test databases (Oracle and SQL Server). With Testenium you can test your code without any testing tools or programming language compilers installed in your computer. You can even use iPad, Tablet or Smartphones to generate code for BDD and encrypted database application in Testenium.

For Selenium testing with Testenium, you do not have to install and configure any testing tools in your computer. All the tasks such as creating the projects, editing projects, adding dependencies, access to database, executing the test and creating reports are done in the Testenium server.

Flow of Testing