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Testenium offers an online meta computing platform for testing software and website without any additional installation on the user’s computer, ipad, tablet or phone. Testenium supports BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), Selenium WebDriver, TDD (Test Driven Development), Winium and SQL. Testenium generates programming language code for Selenium test automation, takes screenshots and videos and compares the test builds.

Testenium is the first and only meta computing platform in the world that provides online infrastructure to generate the code for implementing steps in BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and for Page Object Model for Selenium test automation. Testenium supports 100% online test databases (Oracle and SQL Server) for storing test data. With Testenium you can test your code without any testing tools or programming language compilers installed in your computer. You can even use iPad, Tablet or Smartphones to generate code for BDD, Selenium Page Object Model and encrypted database application in Testenium.

For Selenium testing with Testenium, you do not have to install and configure any testing tools in your computer. All the tasks such as creating the projects, editing projects, adding dependencies, access to database, executing the test and creating reports are done in the Testenium server.

API Test automation

In Testenium you can automate the API testing without installing or configuring any tools. You simply provide the endpoint, resource, and parameters on the user interface and click the button to generate the code in JAVA. Testenium uses BDD framework, creates a feature file in the background and generates the cucumber step definitions, and implements the steps automatically. Human programming is not necessary at all. When you click the Execute Test button, Testenium will test the API and will provide you with the results and reports.

BDD Test Automation

Testenium supports Cucumber and SpecFlow framework in BDD. Testenium generate the step definitions and implements all the methods automatically when you provide with the relevant feature file for your testing requirements. Then, Testenium executes the test and provides you with reports including video and screenshots.

Database Test Automation

Again, Testenium uses BDD concept to create database testing code. A feature file needs to be written to provide your database testing requirements, including table name, target column and the query. On click of a button Testenium will generate the fully implemented steps along with database connection string, so that user does not have to write any code at all. On click of another button, Testenium will execute the test and will provide the results and reports.

LOAD Test Automation

Users do not have to configure JMX file in Testenium for LOAD testing. Testenium provides the users with a very easy interface to provide the required parameters. The JMX file will be configured automatically, and then JTL file will be created before test execution step. Testenium will provide all the necessary reports in the form of charts once the test is completed.

Protractor Test Automation

Testenium supports Protractor framework for Angular test automation. When the user uploads the test automation scripts, Testenium will test it and will provide the user with the results and reports.

Selenium Test Automation
Testenium provides two options for Selenium test automation. In the first option, users can upload an Excel file with elements' details in many sheets for up to 255 pages, as there is a limiteation in Excel, to generate the code for Page Object Model. But, the second option allows the users to enter elements' details repeatedly for unlimited number of pages in the user interface. Testenium will generate the entire code and will execute the test to produce results and reports including video and screenshots.

Winium Test Automation

Similar to Selenium test automatiom, one can upload an excel file with elements' details for windows application testing as well, but also need to upload the '.exe' version of the windows application. Testenium will generate the test automation script, execute the test and will produce the reports.

White-Box Test Automation

When the user upload the code written in JAVA along with the JUnit test code, Testenium will execute the test and will produce the reports including code coverage and JUnit reports.

Application Security Test Automation

Users need to provide only the application's URL and select any vulnerabilities needto be tested without downloading and configuring any tools at all. Testenium will perform the test and will provides the users with the relevant reports.

TDD Test Automation

Users can build test suites with many test cases and execute the test.

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Global Frontiers of Sri Lanka became official partner of Testenium for test automation and encrypted database application development.

Testenium is one of the unique products which has helped my company to complete the testing project fast and effective in finding the Quality of the Project. Generating the test script which is faster, effective and reliable to be used in the projects. It is far better than product available in the market; which generate the automation script as faster as a light. we can also integrate Testenium with third party tools. Overall the performance of the product was good and can be used for generating the scripts and also gives report in the form of Video and Screenshot.

The Testenium Cloud Platform provides a Page Object Builder in the user interface to generate code within a second in JAVA language for Selenium Page Object Model.

User can repeatedly add Locator, Function and Data for actual Elements for number of pages using the user interface and generate the test script for Selenium Page Object Model within a second for avoiding capturing of wrong elements. This is different from the industry norm of recoding the navigation and exporting the recorded elements and actions to programming language code. The process of recording and exporting is a bad practice, because it is difficult to assert and verify the elements.

Testenium Cloud Platform generates test automation scripts within a second for Selenium Page Object Model when you upload an Excel file with elements.

User can provide Locator, Function and Data for actual Elements for number of pages in Excel sheets to generate the test automation script within a second for Selenium Page Object Model for avoiding capturing of wrong elements or writing code by the programmer. This is different from the industry norm of recoding the navigation and exporting the recorded elements and actions to programming language code. When a user provides the New Project details such as title, description and selects the test execution environment and uploads the Excel file, Testenium will generate 100% complete test automation script in the selected programming language, including the code implementation for the HomePage and JUnit testing framework. The programmers or Test Engineers do not have to write the code at all.

The Testenium engine will execute the test projects and create reports up on clicking the Execute Test button. The Testenium platform keep all the componenets of test project in separate repositories for every user, so that the users can revisit any time and edit, re-run and manage the project without going for third party test management tools.

The goal of Continuous testing is evaluating the quality of software at every step of the Continuous Delivery Process by testing early and testing often. Testenium patform provides you with Continuous Testing environment Test Management facilities. A test project can be executed again by adding the new component of the test by editing code on the interface. Testenium platform maintains the version of the code or project which can be viewd on the test history report.

Testenium Dashboard

Testenium provides a dashboard to compare the test builds after correcting the errors from the previous run of the projects.