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Test Automation at Scale

As per https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/, the global Automation testing market size is expected to grow USD 20.7 billion in 2021 to USD 49.9 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.2% during the forecast period. The Automation testing market is growing due to the rapid adoption of advanced technologies.

The Problems with Codeless Test Automation

Lack of Customization: The scripts are not visible to the user and the automation is processed in the background, leaving no opportunity for testers to modify the scripts.
Codeless is Misleading: Although scripts are generated and structured internally, additional implementaion of framework will require some manual coding. But it is impossible to modify the code as it is hidden.
Lack of Maintainability: If test projects weren't designed to be reusable, problems could arise in maintainability as the application is continually changing and needs to be tested repeatedly.
Platform Dependency: Codeless test automation solutions are not universal, with either platform dependency.

The Problems with Record-and-Play

Recording and Playing for test automation is not a good practice for software test automation and has the following problems.
  • A link will not fail even if you click a wrong LinkText. In Testenium you will provide all the expected values.
  • Record and playback tests break often, but Testenium execution never breaks.
  • Often duplicate lines of code, but Testenium generates unique code.
  • Harder to debug failing scripts, but no need of debugging in Testenium as it generates 100% accurate code.
  • Files created are extremely large, they execute slowly, but testenium creates generic modules and shared by other classes.

    The Problems with Manual Testing

  • Human cannot compete the speed of the machine and therefore needs more manpower and very expensive
  • Human cannot check and validate the components correctly.
  • Human makes more mistakes, but Testenium generates 100% accurate code faster.
  • Company needs more manual testers compared to using Testenium, because Testenium generates code within seconds.

    The Problems with Manual Coding

  • Human cannot write the code faster than computers.
  • Human makes mistakes in coding, but Testenium generates 100% accurate code faster
  • User needs to install software and testing tools for manual coding, but no tools necessary with Testenium.
  • User needs powerful computers to execute test projects, Testenium executes on scalable cloud server.
  • Creating projects, adding dependencies and writing code is time consuming, hence expensive. Testenium does all these automatically .

  • Why Test Automation using Testenium Important?

    Organizations use numerous third-party integrations specific to their test automation needs. This will lead to many problems and obviously will be collectively expensive. Some organizations use third-party execution platforms just to execute the test automation, but they need to install all the tools, create projects, add packages and dependencies and write the test automation scripts. This is very expensive. Some testing platforms offer No-code solution and Record-and-Play tools but these have many problems.

    Testenium offers a meta-computing based online QAOps platform for test automation without any additional installation on the laptop or computers. Testenium supports "Speech to code" feature for BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), and Selenium WebDriver. Testenium records Gherkin steps and generates methods using BDD frameworks, implements the methods for Selenium UI test automation, executes it at scale on cloud and produces reports.

    What does Testenium offer?

  • Full-Code automation - creates projects, adds dependencies and generates 100% test automation scripts for given requirements.
  • Provides very comprehensive testing features - UI Testing, API Testing, LOAD Testing, Security Testing and code coverage.
  • Generates code for Selenium, BDD, Cypress and Microsoft Playwright in C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python languages.
  • Produces Video, Screenshots and PDF reports automatically.
  • Supports Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT) to run any number of projects in parallel.
  • Provides a Page Object Builder (POB) to enter test automation requirements on the UI to generate code for Selenium Page Objects.
  • Supports Voice-to-Code feature to dictate the feature file for BDD.
  • Implements methods for BDD completely.
  • Allows users to implement framework and to integrate with the test code.
  • Compares the screenshots for different builds of the same project.
  • Supports version control and test management.
  • Supports continuous testing DevOps integration via pipeline configuration.
  • Supports command line access to push Feature file for BDD or Excel to provide elements' details.
  • Handles Authentication Code for API testing automatically.
  • Supports unlimited virtual users for LOAD testing.
  • Generates code for testing Smart Contracts and tests it on Ganache testnet on cloud.
  • Provides Oracle Express and SQL Server Express online.
  • Prevents users from deleting and renaming the files and formatting the hard disk of the server.
  • Encrypts the PDF test reports and keeps it securely for future use. Decrypts the report whenever the user wants to view only.
  • Encrypts the source code and deletes the original source code immediately after completing the test to secure the code.
  • Decrypts the code whenever the user wants to edit and run it.
  • Encrypts document and archives without key-management.
  • Provides software to encrypt series of files on users' devices without key-management.
  • Cross Browser Test Automation

    Testenium is the first and only Meta-computing based QAOps/testing platform in the world that provides online infrastructure to create test project, generate code and implements steps in BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and Page Object Model for Microsoft Playwright, Cypress and Selenium test automation in C#, Java, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript. Testenium supports 100% online test databases (Oracle and SQL Server). With Testenium you can test your code without any testing tools or programming language compilers installed in your computer. You can even use iPad, Tablet or Smartphones to generate code for BDD.

    For Playwright, Cypress, BDD and Selenium test automation, you do not have to install and configure any testing tools in your computer. All the tasks such as creating the projects, editing projects, adding dependencies, access to database, executing the test and creating reports are done in the Testenium server.

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