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    1. Searchable Encryption

    Individuals, organisations, and companies which are either 'controllers' or 'processors' of personal data are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). "If you are currently subject to the DPA, it is likely that you will also be subject to the GDPR," the ICO says on its website.

    Both personal data and sensitive personal data are covered by GDPR. Personal data, a complex category of information, broadly means a piece of information which can be used to identify a person, such as name, address or IP address. Sensitive personal data encompasses, for example genetic data, information about religious and political views, sexual orientation.

    Definitions similar to these were used in earlier legislation, but now pseudonymised personal data are included.

    It is essential that date controllers and processors implement technical and organisational measures commensurate with the threats to the data they possess, and to the risks involved in the nature, scope and context of the processing they carry out. They must have regard to the costs of protection, but also the potential damage to those whose data they hold, and the penalties to which breaches of security would expose them.

    They must be aware of the importance of the pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data; ensure that they have ongoing systems to protect the Integrity, availability and integrity of processing systems and service; and maintain procedures for the regular testing and evaluation of the efficiency of these systems.

    One of the features our platform provides is encrypting companies databases and make the encrypted data searchable using Homomorphic and AES encryption schemes. The data is encrypted before it is sent to the database locally or on cloud. The encrypted data is searchable and can be computed (processed). The encrypted result is sent back to the client and is decrypted before its corresponding plain data is displayed on the user interface. The plain data is not accessible to third parties at all.

    2. Online Test Automation

    Testenium offers an Online Testing Platform for testing software and website without any additional installation on the user’s computer, ipad, tablet or phone. Testenium supports BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), Selenium WebDriver, TDD (Test Driven Development), Winium and SQL. Testenum generates programming language code for Selenium Test Scripts, takes screenshots and videos and compares the test builds.

    Testenium is the first and only online e-commerce testing platform in the world that provides online infrastructure to test the code using BDD (Behavior Driven Development), Selenium and TDD (Test Driven Development) with 100% online test database (Oracle and SQL Server) support. With Testenium you can test your code without any testing tools or programming language compilers installed in your computer. You can even use iPad, Tablet or Smartphones to test your code and to get the test results instantly.

    There are a few testing platforms in the market, which allow your projects to connect to a Selenium hub, but they do not provide facilities to create and store the projects or to store test data in their platform. The user has to still configure the computer with the programming language compiler and testing tools and store the test data in his/her computer.

    For Selenium testing with Testenium, you do not have to install and configure any testing tools in your computer. All the tasks such as creating the project, editing projects, adding dependencies, access to database, executing the test and creating reports are done in the Testenium server.

    For BDD, TDD and selenium testing on Testenium, you need to just type/copy-paste the code and click a button. In few seconds you will get your test report. With the help of selenium-webdriver, poltergeist, capybara and PhantomJS, Testenium will test your website faster than the time taken in your PC.

    Testenium also generates more programming language codes specific to your projects, including database connection string, so that you do not have to waste a lot of time in fiddling with “;”, “{“, “}”, “using” lines, “import” lines etc. With Testenium, one can save more than 60% of the time in creating and running the project.

    Testenium supports Java, C#, Python, Ruby and PHP programming Languages with Junit, NUnit, PHPUnit, Unittest testing frameworks. Testenium supports Cucumber, specFlow, Behat frameworks for BDD.

    As the BDD framework is new to the testing industry and a lot of manual testers are moving to automation, they struggle to install and configure their PCs. Testenium is the only choice for BDD online automation testing, as there is no other platform in the world that matches ‘all the features’ that you will find in Testenium.

    Test Script Generation

    Testenium generates programming language code for Selenium WebDriver in C#, Java and Python languages. The test parameters (Locator, Element, Command and Test Data) should be provided in Feature file for BDD or in Excel for Selenium WebDriver Testing. The test scripts will be created within few seconds on a click of a button.

    Selenium WebDriver test scripts for Page Object Model are also generated in Testenium. In this case the test parameters (Locator, Element, Command and Test Data) should be given in a separate Sheet in Excel for separate page of the website.

    Example BDD Feature File

      Feature: Google Search
      Scenario: Search for Apple
        Given I am on the home page ""
        When I fill in name "q" with "Apple"
        And I click the Name "btnK" button
        Then I should see "Apple" on the title

    Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT)

    Testenium supports Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing (AMPT) which provides option to select as many as test projects to test in parallel. The projects may have been created using different programming language or different type of projects, but all the projects will be running in parallel.

    Why AMPT?

    The test projects can not be run in parallel in a desktop environment. Because Testenium runs all the test projects on a server environment and uses Java's Multithreading feature, it is possible to execute as many as test projects for many users at the same time.

    Technology We Use

    We are equipped with the following technologies for developing testing platforms and testing our customers' projects. We guarantee faster turnaround for testing our clients' projects.

    Testing Frameworks

    • Selenium WebDriver 3.0/4.0
    • BDD (Behaviour Driven Development
    • TDD (Test Driven Development
    • Winium

    Technologies for Development

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep learning
    • Data Science
    • Meta Programming
    • Component Programming
    • Cyber Security

    Test Reports

    When a test is executed Testenium records screenshots, videos and error reports and provides you with the reports. Testenium also compares the screenshots for different test builds.

    Parameters for Single Page in Excel

    Parameters for Page Object Model - Multiple Page

    Accelerated Massive Parallel Testing in Excel

    Testenium has been awarded Technology Elite Award 2019

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