Testenium Online Encryption & Testing Platform

We specialise in the following areas;

  • Information Security (Searchable Encryption),
  • Test Automation of web, windows and application security.
  • Corporate training in the above areas.

  • In today‚Äôs data-driven world where technologies continually develop, companies tend to use cloud services to host their databases. The data have to be 100% secure in order to be compliance with the regulations and to protect the business assets. You need a holistic approach to information security that combines a range of products and services to ensure your organization has a solid foundation that is resilient for the long-term. We provide state-of-the-art technology and faster services to companies around the world to protect their data and process in a secure manner.

    We specialise in automation testing of web and windows applications. As Testenium is the only cloud based test automation platform which allows test engineers to test the web applicatios and windows applications without having to install any testing tools or programming language compilers. We also provide testing services to companies to test their applications faster than anybody as we use Testenium ourselves.

    Why need to automate?
    Automation of test script generation, and execution will speed up the process and save time and money with increased reliability.

    Technology We Use
    We are equiped with the following technologies for developing testing platforms and testing our customer's projects. We guarantee faster turnaround for testing our client's projects.

    Testing Frameworks
    • Selenium WebDriver 3.0/4.0
    • BDD (Behaviour Driven Development
    • TDD (Test Driven Development
    • Winium

    Technologies for Development
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep learning
    • Data Science
    • Meta Programming
    • Component Programming
    • Cyber Security

    We introduce a brand new 'Test-Faster' scheme in order to give non-automation testers an opportunity to use Testenium to test applications for companies from anywhere in the world. Testenium recruits as many as candidates and provides online training to use testenium in order to get testing projects and test from anywhere. Candidates must have some knowledge of HTML. There are two model on this scheme viz uTest-Faster and vTest-Faster.

    uTest Faster
    You can start getting testing projects and use testenium to test and provide reports to your clients. In this case, we have less control over you. You take more responsibilities to manage the project and deal with your customers.

    vTest Faster
    You will be assigned testing project by us to test using Testenium and we will do the rest. In this model you need to create test plan and upload it in testenium platform and run the test.
    Testenium recruits as many as candidates and provides free online training to use testenium in order to take part in this scheme from anywhere in the world. Candidates must have some knowledge of HTML.

    We offer the following training programmes to individuals and corporate customers. Click here for more information.

    • Testenium Certified: Searchable Encryption Platform Developer
    • Testenium Certified: Test Automation Analyst
    • Testenium Certified: Test Automation Architect
    • Testenium Certified: Test Automation Engineer
    • Testenium Certified: Online Automation Platform Developer

    Our Services
    Searchable Encryption
    Testing Automation
    Award Certificate